GOTS – as easy as ABC!


I’m pretty sure that all of Tjorven’s observant friends, who have looked around in our online shop, have noticed the mysterious GOTS certificate reference in the descriptions of our products. Even though all of us enjoy a little bit of mistery in our hectic lives, sometimes a simple explanation is also needed. So what is this GOTS-thing all about?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is the worldwide leading certificate for textile made from organic fibers. For a supply chain to earn the GOTS certificate, it has to meet high processing, ecological and social criteria.

For starters, to even qualify for a GOTS certificate, at least 70% of the textile must be made from organic fiber and even then there are strict rules for how to process it. If we take a look at the social criteria, then working conditions must be safe and hygenic. Also the employees must want to work there, meaning they can’t be slaves. Basically, all the social standards that have to be met are based on the key norms stated by the International Labour Organisatsion (ILO). To get a more detailed overview about the requirements, I strongly suggest you to check out the official GOTS website.

Right now you must be scratching your head and asking yourself, that all of this talk about this organic stuff and the certificate sounds great and all, but it there a real value to it? Why does it matter? No worries, I can guarantee – organic fiber is really soft and feels good on your skin! Furthermore, it doesn’t contain ANY harmful or toxic chemicals, which could irritate your skin, bring out allergies or cause breathing problems.

Also, you shouldn’t forget that organic fiber is a lot friendlier to our planet… but I’ll cover that topic some other time!

Your Torven