The high cost of fast fashion industry


Fast fashion is a wide spread phenomenon in the fashion industry, which is based on the latest fashion trends presented at fashion weeks. It is oriented to produce collections as cheaply and as fast as possible. Its goal is to sell them to those people, who are used to updating their wardrobe every season. The fast fashion philosophy is used in large retailers, where almost everyone can find something that matches their fashion taste. Because the clothes are cheap, we buy them already thinking that we are going to replace them right away with new and more stylish ones.

Although the decision to buy something cheap makes us feel like we’re really sensible consumers (and in some peculiar way we actually are), we mostly don’t take into account the hidden cost of our purchase. Cost, that isn’t shown on the white label. Cost, that is paid by the environment and by the people, who work in this ruthless supply chain. Cost that is so damn high and unacceptable to the brands that are pursuing the slow fashion movement.

I must admit that slow fashion doesn’t sound appealing at all, but it’s the exact opposite of fast fashion and stands for exactly what it says – its goal is to actually slow down the process of producing clothes. This is the reason why the slow fashion brands work towards designing so universal and quality clothes that the constant need to buy something new every season disappears.

Tjorven Kids brand supports the slow fashion philosophy by designing pastel clothes that are made from local organic Estonian cotton. Fiber guarantees durability and prolongs the products life-span enormously. Why? Because it sustains washing in the washing machine and your next kid can also wear it. What’s more – because of the quality of the fiber you can wash Tjorvens’ clothes many times without damaging them, making them suitable for the most active kid as well.

Now, as I briefly introduced you the frightening downside of the fashion industry, I strongly recommend you watch a shocking documentary called „The True Cost: A Fashion Documentary“. I promise you that the documentary will show you the side of the industry like you’ve never seen before.

Your Tjorven