About Us

Brand name:

Tjorven was actually born years ago, when I was still a teeny-tiny girl. As I left home with the morning sun and returned with the dim evening light my days passed climbing on trees and playing a fairy by the ditch, feeding baby crows with earthworms and building huts in the bushes.

Then at one point, as a consequence of me always spending my time in the nature and discovering the world with a childish enthusiasm, my parents started to call me Tjorven. That name stuck with me for years!

Tjorven Kids tries to give its best through the design to make sure little adventurers always carry a piece of nature with them. :)


Tjorven Kids is a kidswear brand, that has chosen a minimalistic approach. Being the first who has switched bright colours and dollhouse designs for light pastels and unisex products, taking Estonian kidswear to a new, scandinavian level.

Tjorven Kids is inspired by nature, and wants to bring it closer to todays urbanised children. Items are decorated with stylised graphic insects and small animals, giving an opportunity to be a part of an enstranged microworld. It also helps dispel childrens fear of insects, or to rise an internest in nature.

Products are made of dense and high-quality GOTS sertified cotton jersey. Patterns are printed with a colourfast screenprinting. All this guarantees products long life-span, despite the frequent washing and active wearing.

Unisex colours and models offer universal offseason and above-trend items, that can be re-used over time and by different children. Products are designed to keep production waste at minimum.

All items are designed and made in Estonia.